Padagogy Wheel

The Padagogy Wheel for classroom app selection

Instructors using mobile apps to assist with the delivery of course materials may struggle with finding just the right tool to fit the desired outcome. With over 2.2 million apps available just for the Android platform, the task of finding the proper tool can be daunting.

Allan Carrington, former Learning Designer at the University of Adelaide, recognized the dilemma surrounding the creation of app-related course exercises. To assist with the selection process, he created the Padagogy Wheel. With the Padagogy Wheel, Carrington combines the work of Benjamin Bloom with the original wheel produced by Sharon Artley from an adaptation of Bloom’s work by Krathwohl and Anderson. The wheel is designed as a classroom problem solver, allowing instructors to select the proper app tools based on Bloom’s cognitive domains.

The inner ring features Bloom’s five cognitive domains. Moving outward, the next ring provides action verbs associated with each domain. Next is a ring featuring activities supporting the action verbs. The outer ring suggest apps appropriate for the activities.

Padagogy Wheel V4.1 is the latest iteration. Carrington adds several additional resources to the wheel including methods for using the selected technologies, and suggestions for getting the most benefit from the wheel.

The Padagogy Wheel is licensed under a Creative Commons non-Commercial license.