Learning Technology Fair Presenter's Guide

Presenter overview

As a presenter, you will be sharing your experiences in the use of learning technologies for course development or classroom use. Presenters may focus on the specific technology, and/or how it was used or integrated into a curriculum.


The Fair is a drop-in event. Presenters man a table and answer questions while demonstrating their selected topic to Fair attendees.


Presenters will also create a single PowerPoint slide with a description of their presentation to be displayed at the Poster Gallery of Learning Technologies. It’s suggested that your poster include the following:

  • Presentation title
  • Selected technology
  • How it was used in the classroom
  • Links to additional information such as research, vendor information, etc.
  • Your contact information

Posters can be either Portrait or Landscape but need to be sized no larger than 24" x 36". To resize a slide within PowerPoint, in the top menu:

  • Click Design / Slide Size / Custom Slide Size
  • If Portrait orientation: Width = 24 in / Height = 36 in
  • If Landscape orientation: Width = 36 in / Height = 24 in
  • If a window pops up about scaling to a new slide size, select either Maximize or Ensure Fit based on your slide content.

Send your slide to jgetchell001@regis.edu at least two weeks prior to the Fair. Posters will be created from all slides and exhibited at the Fair next to your table. Posters will also be archived on the ID&T Fair website. Presenter may pick up their paper poster anytime the week following the Fair.

You may want to print a few copies of your poster for use as table handouts.

Presenter tables

Each table will have a table sign, chair, monitor, electrical connection and wireless capability.

Arrival time

Please arrive before the 10 AM start time to allow for setup. Look for a card with your name on the tables around the perimeter of the Mountain View Room.


Please bring your own laptop and power supply.

Other technology needs

Other technology needs such as speakers, webcams, and projectors, are the responsibility of the presenter. Contact a fair coordinator for assistance with other technology needs, if needed.

Technology assistance

Technical assistance will be available throughout the day.


We understand that you may have classroom obligations and may be unable to man your exhibit throughout the Fair. However, if possible, please enlist the help of a colleague to man your table during your absence.

Security of personal property

Security of all personal property is your responsibility. Please contact a fair coordinator or anyone at the ID&T booth if short-term break coverage is needed. The ID&T booth will be located in the northeast corner of Mountain View Room.