Embedded Office Hours Program

The Embedded Office Hours program improves ID&T’s visibility within the colleges while improving service to our faculty customers. The program:

  • Increases awareness among college faculty about ID&T and the services and resources we provide.
  • Improves proximity of ID&T staff to assist faculty in the design and development of online courses and course objects.
  • Provides just-in-time assistance.
  • Allows faculty to communicate directly with an ID&T consultant.
  • Improves the lines of communication between ID&T and faculty.
  • Strengthens our relationships with colleges, programs, and academic departments.
The Embedded Office Hours program began at the College of Computer & Information Sciences (CC&IS) in 2016 and recently expanded to the College for Contemporary Liberal Studies (CCLS). ID&T will continue expanding the program into the remaining colleges and schools throughout the coming months.

Additional resources

Embedded Office Hours promotional video