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October 5, 2018

Development opportunities

Designing with Accessibility in Mind

October 22 - 28. Asynchronous. Register at How accessible is your online course? What steps can you take to make it more accessible? As the amount of offerings moving online continues to grow and various accessibility initiatives become more stringent, it is crucial that accessibility for all students be a focal point of the course design process. Most of the accessibility components are simple to understand and implement once the designer is aware of the tools and techniques available to them.

During this asynchronous, week-long workshop take a deeper dive into the principles and guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 that course instructors and instructional designers need to consider when creating online courses. The heart of this workshop will focus on ways to meet accessibility criteria through three important components including general universal design practices, creating accessible multimedia, and creating accessible documents. This workshop is sure to add helpful techniques and tools to your accessibility toolkit in order to become compliant and inclusive.

Note: This workshop is eligible for the OLC Accessibility Badge for participants that complete all four workshops on the topic of accessibility and universal design for learning.

Creating Infographics for Learning

October 22 - 28. Asynchronous. Register at Infographics use data and graphic design to tell stories, teach concepts, and present information. Online activities integrating visual data can develop content literacy and analytic thinking. In this workshop you will learn how to locate, evaluate, and integrate infographics into your teaching, as well as explore the possibilities for creating infographics with your data. You will review the research behind what makes infographics so compelling, and why they are effective cognitive tools for communicating information and data.

Full training schedule

Check out the ID&T Training website for more faculty development opportunities, including those from the Online Learning Consortium, featuring industry experts talking about best practices for the enhancement of online, hybrid, and blended teaching and learning. OLC workshop registration costs are paid for when registering through ID&T.

Latest research and articles

Study results on classroom use of smart devices

In the article Survey: 1 in 4 Professors Ban Mobile Phone Use in Class (Campus Technology, September 19, 2018), author Rhea Kelly summarizes the results of Campus Technology's third annual Teaching with Technology Survey. Among the findings: 49% of respondents allow mobile phone use with limitations; laptops and mobile phones comprise 87% of devices used by students; and 54% of faculty believe that institutions should provide devices to all students.

Test anxiety during online proctored exams

A recent study out of Central Michigan University looked at online test anxiety when using webcam-based proctoring techniques. The study, titled Examining the Relationship Between Student Test Anxiety and Webcam Based Exam Proctoring (Kolski, T. & Weible, J., 2018, Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration, 21(3)) found ten factors common among the study subjects including audible sighs, lip biting, and shifting gaze. None of the study findings aligned with commonly recognized physiological responses to test anxiety such as sweating or facial agitation.

Upcoming conferences and exhibitions

Enhanced accessibility resources available to faculty

ID&T now has enhanced resources available to assist faculty in making their online course content accessible. the are found under the Resources tab on the ID&T main page. The site includes tutorials for creating accessible documents and PowerPoint presentations, the latest briefings on ADA laws and regulations, and help with putting together accessible video and audio files. Check out all of the useful resources on the Accessibility for Online Course Content website.

Instructional design and technology consultations

Visit with one of our designers or technologists to discuss how your web-based course materials can have a real impact on student learning. ID&T is located in Main Hall, Suite 335. Or send us an email at to schedule a personal consultation.

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