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How to Enhance the Student Learning Experience

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Hi, I’m Carl Kinney and I’m part of the Instructional Design & Technology department, otherwise known as ID&T.  ID&T collaborates with faculty to ensure the student learning experience is a great one.  This can range from just brainstorming ideas, to being a critical player in the overall design and development of a course. Because of this, ID&T is very much impacted by ADA compliance and specifically, the Electronic and Information Technology policy, or EIT (don’t forget the policy can be found from the homepage).  The EIT policy makes it clear that all courses must be accessible, and reinforces that every course offered at Regis should incorporate the principles of Universal Design to provide students with the best learning experience possible. Universal Design recognizes that not all students learn the same way. Therefore, the more options students are given for interacting with course materials, the more effective the learning experience will be.  When ID&T staff work with faculty on designing and developing a courses, Universal Design and accessibility are two of the basic foundations used to build course content.  The top ten things we look for to help ensure accessible content for the students are:

  • Closed captioning for all videos
  • Transcript for all audio
  • Alternate text for all images
  • Accessible Word documents
  • Accessible PDF files
  • Accessible PowerPoints
  • Accessible tables
  • Using Bold instead of Color
  • Organization of content consistent, logical and simple language with headings.
  • Considering if external resources are accessible, if not consider a different source or equivalent alternative.

For more information on these and other course development accessibility resources, head over to the ID&T website: URL Here you will find much more detailed information on how to ensure accessibility of your content.  For example, here you will see that ID&T can help facilitate getting a video closed captioned, or help in ensuring that tables are accessible and there is much more. 

We hope this was helpful and look forward to working with you in the future.