Regis University EIT Policy

The Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) policy ensures equal access to electronic content found in Regis University online and blended courses.

The following video discusses how ID&T addresses accessibilty in Regis courses (The video includes closed captioning. A complete transcript is also available).

10 things to ensure accessible content for your students

You can find much more detailed information about each one of the items below at our Accessibility Wiki.

  • Provide closed-captioning on ALL video and multimedia content and determine if “Audio Description” is needed. IDT can help facilitate this.
  • Provide a transcript for all audio in your course, such as narrated PowerPoints, podcasts or other audio content.
  • Provide alternate text for all images and alternate descriptions for all charts, diagrams and graphics.
  • Provide accessible Word documents. (refer to the wiki for the steps)
  • Provide accessible PDF files. Avoid scanning to PDF. If you save your Word docs to PDF make sure you do it by FILE> save as > choose PDF and then under options you check the box “document structure tags for accessibility.
  • Provide accessible PowerPoints. Make sure textboxes are in a logical order, not scattered randomly. (check the outline to view or reading order) Create alt text and descriptions for all graphics and images in your PPT. (right click on the item to add alt text or descriptions)
  • Provide accessible tables. Use tables wisely. Tables should not be used for layout purposes whether you are building it in Word, PPT, HTML or in the WorldClass HTML editor. Contact us for assistance. We are happy to create accessible tables for you.
  • Avoid using color for emphasis, instead use BOLD or italics for small amounts of text. Aim for contrast between your text and background.
  • Consider the organization of your content. Use consistent, logical and simple language with headings.
  • When activities are required of students, consider the accessibility of external resources, tools and apps that you are using. Be prepared to provide an equivalent alternative when needed. Contact IDT for assistance.