Importance of Sectioning Dates

NOTE: Sectioning dates for upcoming terms are available on the Content and Sectioning Calendar.


In order to increase efficiency and to help ensure students enjoy the best learning experience, it is critical that sectioning dates be followed. This means that all course content and configurations be finalized within the course master prior to the date of sectioning. 


Course sectioning is an automated process that uses information from a number of sources to create term sections from course masters. If content and configurations are not complete within each course master by the sectioning date, what is an automated process becomes a manual process involving multiple and time consuming steps. In addition, this potentially adds a number of issues into the process while greatly decreasing efficiency. Each issue requires a high level of communication and monitoring between multiple departments. Updates being made in one place using the automated process now must be made in at least three different places when processing courses manually. This increases the exposure for errors such as:

  • Changes not being made in time for instructors to prepare their course sections for the upcoming term.
  • Changes not being completed prior to students entering the course.
  • Updates not being completed in all sections when there is more than one section of the course.
  • Changes being made to the section but not to the master, resulting in changes not being reflected in subsequent terms.
  • Greater number of support requests based on the above.

What to do

If your course content is not finalized prior to sectioning date, immediately inform the ITS Help Center for instructions on how to proceed. The ITS Help Center is available by emailing or by phoning 303-458-4050 or 800-388-2366 ext. 4050.