Course Development Services and Procedures

Instructional Design & Technology (ID&T) wants to make sure all course development needs are supported adequately. To ensure the most efficient and effective support, ID&T provides a range of services.

Option 1 - Total Course Development Support

This option provides full collaborative support for faculty who desire a more controlled development process. Working as a team, faculty meet regularly during course development with an Instructional Designer and Instructional Technologist to develop their course from inception to ready-to-deliver. This option is best for faculty who are new to course development, or simply prefer a guided process.

Option 2 – Range of Support for Course Development Consultation

This option provides the opportunity for the faculty to select those aspects of course development that they want or need consultation and/or support with from ID&T. This option is best for more experienced faculty who desire help with specific elements of their course development, but prefer to guide the development process themselves and work independently.

Step-by-step course development procedures are listed below:

  1. The school or college conducts pre-work, including:
    1. Confirming the delivery methods of the course and what term it will be offered.
    2. Determining what faculty will be involved in the design and development of the course.
      1. Does faculty have available time to support the course development effort?
      2. Does faculty have appropriate skill set for course development?
  2. Point of contact from the school or college submits service request form to ID&T.
  3. ID&T reviews form.
  4. For Option 1 request, ID&T notifies point of contact that resources have been allocated or that additional discussion is needed.

    For Option 2 request, schedule a meeting with point of contact to identify the nature and scope of the project, and to allocate appropriate resources, or ID and/or IT meets with content authors to determine support needed and then meets with the ID and IT managers to allocate appropriate resources.

    Option 3 – No ID&T Support – If this is selected, the only support will be providing a shell in the LMS.
  5. Reporting will show status of all courses active in the course development process.