Course Development Services and Procedures

Instructional Design & Technology (ID&T) wants to ensure that all course development needs are supported adequately. To that end, we provide the following levels of service for course design and development.

Available service models

Option 1 - Full service course development model

Full service course development provides full collaborative support for faculty who desire a more controlled development process. Working as a team, faculty will meet regularly during course development with an Instructional Designer and Instructional Technologist to develop their course from inception to completion. This option is best for faculty who are new to course development or who prefer a guided process.

Option 2 – Limited service course development model

Limited service course development allows faculty to select only the ID&T support services needed for supporting the course development. This option is best for more experienced faculty who desire help with specific elements of their course development but otherwise prefer to work independently on development of their course. Note that Option 2 also includes course shell requests where all design and development work is done exclusively by faculty.

Course development process

The college or program is responsible for completing the necessary pre-work necessary for starting the course design/development process which includes:
  1. Confirming the delivery methods of the course and the term it will be first offered.
  2. Determining the faculty to be involved in the design and development of the course. Considerations should include:
    1. Do the selected faculty have sufficient release time available to support the course development effort?
    2. Do the selected faculty have the appropriate skills for designing and development a course.
  3. Point of contact from the school or college will submit the service request form to ID&T.
  4. ID&T reviews the service request form and determines next steps which include:
    1. For Option 1 requests, ID&T will notify the point of contact whether sufficient resources are available or whether additional discussion is needed.
    2. For Option 2 requests, a meeting is scheduled with the point of contact to discuss the project and allocate the appropriate resources.
ID&T will create and distribute status reports for all active courses in the development queue.