Course Maintenance

In order for ID&T to adequately manage our finite resources we ask that everyone follows these guidelines around Course Maintenance:

  • Course Maintenance includes updates and changes to an existing course that a Course Maintainer can perform by themselves. Please select this link to Editing Courses in WorldClass to download a Maintainer's help guide.
  • Course Maintainers needs to be aware of the deadlines listed in the Maintenance and Sectioning Date calendar.
  • Once course maintenance is complete, please send an email, including course number, to notifying them that maintenance has been completed. Once notification is received, ID&T will copy the content from the maintenance shell into the course master.
  • If ID&T support other than course maintenance is needed, please submit an ID&T Course Development Support Request form.


  1. Course – refers to all content, sections, and masters associated with a single course number.
  2. Course section – a copy of a master course. Course sections are typically active courses in which students are enrolled and completing course activities.
  3. Course maintenance – updates and changes to an existing course that will be visible in future course sections.
  4. Maintenance shell – is an up-to-date copy of a course in which maintenance work is performed. Once maintenance is complete, the maintenance shell copied into the course master.
  5. Course master – contains the most recent version of the course. The course master is used to create individual course sections that are then populated with students and actively taught.