2018-19 TLTM Award Winners:
Ken Sagendorf (PI), Crystal Evans, Lorin Mayo, Meme Kinoti, Sharon MacDonnell, Don Gier, Linda Irwin, Eugene Wilkerson, Beth Caniglia, Jenna Oliver


College for Business & Economics


Whiteboard Animations and Engaged Teaching and Learning in Business Education


Teaching is a constant cost-benefit analysis for a faculty member. The questions of how can we best reach students, what technology can we leverage, how much time will it take to learn, how well will it work, and the many logistics questions are in constant battle for many faculty as they decide how to teach their courses. This project seeks to answer these questions with the licensing of whiteboard animation software and peer training and support.

Videos are a powerful means of reaching students and the community. YouTube users watch a billion hours of video each day. In fact, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the US. Whiteboard videos are a particularly effective means of reaching students. YouTube’s RSA animate series has reached over 50 million people. Utilizing whiteboard animation software to infuse our lessons with faculty personality and video functionality answers the questions of the benefits for teaching and learning. We also intend to offer up front and follow-on peer-led trainings to help faculty adopt and become proficient in creating engaging and rich animations. These professional development opportunities will help reduce the ‘cost’ to faculty time and effort.

This project seeks to license Videoscribe software, a leading whiteboard animation software, for use by 25 faculty (full time and affiliate) in the College of Business and Economics and offer space for and workshop-style peer trainings on how to create and best utilize these animations. Licensing this software for a year will allow us to create videos without the Videoscribe watermark (the Pro license) so that they can be saved and used for future classes. The TLTM Grant Team will work with a total of 25 faculty in CBE to create teaching videos for their classes. The effects of peer learning will develop a deeper understanding of the curriculum across all faculty.

Technology Purchased

  1. VideoScribe Pro