2018-19 TLTM Award Winner:
Judit Olah


College for Computer & Information Systems


Whiteboard Animations Enhance Health Informatics Education


We are proposing to incorporate whiteboard animation technology into the core courses of the Graduate Health Informatics Program. We propose to use services of the Sparkol’s company VideoScribe animation solution. The company’s services have been used by BBC, Inc. and the Hewlett Packard, Co. among others. The company offers thousands of images and animation templates from their library to create our whiteboard presentations. We will have unlimited access to these resources, and can create unlimited number of animations. We can also add our own visual models and store those in customer specific folders. The fee is a subscription fee for a 12 month period. Educational institutions receive a 25% discount. This period will allow us to evaluate and gauge the pedagogical effectiveness of the tools.

Technology Purchased

  1. VideoScribe