2018-19 TLTM Award Winners:
Martin Munoz, Luis Vargas


Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions


Virtual Reality Offers New Perspectives in Education


"This proposal is based on the nascent technology of virtual reality. It has been in the consumer market for only a relatively short time. initially, the costs for the headsets and were cost prohibitive and also required a dedicated computer to process the data. As costs of V.R. headsets and the computers become more affordable, an interest in how this technology can enhance learning through immersive experiences as evidenced by the plethora of both games and narrative experiences has flourished. It should be noted that Stanford and the University of Southern California have dedicated considerable resources in the research and development that address issues with the allied health field such as health education, mental health therapy and offers us the possibility to fulfill the Jesuit mission to any means to promote the building of healthy and compassionate communities through new technologies. This project is designed to introduce faculty, students, and staff in the possibilities of this new technology and hopefully excite our academic community to explore how we can enhance student learning as well as offer our community a unique approach in the creation of new perspectives that encourage research in divergent disciplines.

"I am offering a bibliography of some research i the are of V.R. and I hope you will find that the research is being conducted in many diverse fields of study and therefore offering the entire University access."

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