2018-19 TLTM Award Winner:
Jody Huntington


Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions


Virtual Sandtray


This proposal is for the purchase of equipment and applications to utilize a virtual sandtray. Typically in our profession, we use a sandtray, a large container with sand, and numerous small figurines, in a therapeutic setting to allow clients to explore and express their inner feelings and conflicts. The use of sandtray has been widely accepted and is useful for the clinician and appealing to clients, particularly children. A physical sandtray is cumbersome to move around and can be messy. Figurines or small representation objects can be expensive and hard to store. The creation of the virtual sandtray solves these challenges and more. In our digital age, many students and clients, are comfortable and more engaged when using technology. Therefore, this approach to using sandtray could be quite appealing. Also, having a virtual sandtray option could meet the needs of some students and clients who are either unable to physically interact with a typical sandtray or are uncomfortable with it. Lastly, having the option to save the virtual sandtray on the device gives the student the opportunity to revisit a clients sandtray and talk about changes, as well as utilize it supervision.

Technology Purchased