2018-19 TLTM Award Winners:
Ashley Fricks-Gleason (PI), Robin Cloues


Regis College


Digital Video Capture and Cloud-based Behavioral Analysis Tools to Increase Student Engagement in Laboratory Experiments Involving Rodent Behavior


We are seeking funds to purchase two digital cameras and behavioral analysis software for use in teaching neuroscience. Several of our current courses involve behavioral monitoring. Our current method of data recording is to borrow somewhat antiquated equipment from the library. However, this involves repeated borrowing and returning and limits weekend work for thesis students and faculty. We would like to purchase two user-friendly digital cameras that are controlled by a phone app and that could download data via Wi-Fi to a computer or phone. Our first choice of camera is a GoPro Hero6Black with a 3-way grip, arm, tripod mount. In addition, we are seeking funds for behavioral analysis software to go with the cameras. The software we would like to purchase is a cloud-based system offered by BehaviorCloud.com. This software allows the user to stream or upload video using any mobile device and to automatically track the animals’ activity. Perhaps the best feature of this software is that it allows for students to be added to research groups (and then easily removed when the semester is over) and thus opens up use beyond the faculty members. This will provide an excellent opportunity for our students in neuroscience courses and those conducting honors theses to have access to this cutting-edge technology.

Technology Purchased

  1. GoPro Hero 6
  2. BehaviorCloud