2018-19 TLTM Award Winners:
Courtney Drysdale (PI), Meghan Damour, Hannah Miller, Dawn Combe (Dayton Memorial Library), CharLee Toth (Learning Commons)


Dayton Memorial Library


Unlocking Library Learning with BreakoutEDU


We would like to use this grant to purchase BreakoutEDU kits to use with students at the library and beyond. BreakoutEDU adopts the popular “escape room” activity (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Escape_room) and provides an immersive game platform in which players (students) are challenged to solve a set of connected puzzles in a collaborative team-building setting. We envision employing BreakoutEDU in various educational settings to meet a range of learning objectives.

The Technology: The BreakoutEDU kits contain the physical items that facilitate the “escape room” concept (i.e. locks, invisible ink pens, etc.), but the exciting technology involved is the online platform which includes pre-developed subject pack games and puzzles that create various “escape room” scenarios, a digital game creator to create custom puzzles, access to all user-generated games, and access to other online BreakoutEDU resources. We propose purchasing 6 kits + online access to the platform so that classes can be split into small groups for the activity for all students to participate fully.

BreakoutEDU kits provide a unique and low-cost way to evolve and improve library instruction, further develop relationships on campus, and help redefine the concept of the library for both students and faculty. These kits are mobile and incredibly flexible, and based off of other institutions’ experiences with this concept (for example, https://journals.acrl.org/index.php/crlnews/article/view/16875/18511), we are confident that the BreakoutEDU kits would be successful here at Regis.

Technology Purchased

  1. Breakout EDU