2018-19 TLTM Award Winners:
Susan Dalbey, Lisa Zenoni, Sherry Fuller


Rueckert Hartman College for Health Professions


Utilization of Digital Bluetooth Stethoscopes to Enhance Student Learning


All Pre-licensure nursing students (144 Accelerated, 72 Traditional, and 24 Choice each year) are enrolled in NR 414 Health Assessment across the Lifespan. Each student participates in weekly assessments focusing on a specific body system to learn and recognize normal and abnormal assessment findings. Utilizing the Eko Core Bluetooth Stethoscope will allow faculty to program abnormal assessment for students to listen to and discuss. In addition, it will decrease the need for a dual headed stethoscope which are often more difficult to utilize because of time constraints and difficulty in auscultation. The Eko Stethoscope can be used with the findings recorded for the instructor to listen to at a later time.

The FNP (66 each year) students are enrolled in NR630 Advanced Health Assessment. Each student participates in seven simulated office visits to help in role transition from the bedside nurse to the provider role. These labs utilize standardized patients with scripted scenarios to develop their ability to think as a nurse practitioner and work through differential diagnosis to come up with the correct diagnosis for the presenting problem focused scenario. Standardized patients are the ideal way to meet the objectives however, when we would like to simulate abnormal lung or cardiac sounds, the actor has to give the student and assessment card that states the abnormal sound. The specialized Bluetooth stethoscopes will allow us to program the wheezing or crackling lungs or the murmur we simulate in these cases. The increased realism will improve their skill development by actually listening to the different heart murmurs and determining what kind of murmur it is. It will improved their baseline performance significantly!

The Eko Core Digital Stethoscope has multiple features that can be used in the classroom setting including: 40X audio amplification, digital and analog modes and Bluetooth app and connection. These features assist in the education environment by the increased audio for students who are just learning how to auscultate different sound and/or specific sounds. In addition, the Bluetooth feature allows faculty to record real sounds for students to listen to later as a learning experience. It also allows for students to record their findings and then discuss with faculty at a later time.

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