2018-19 TLTM Award Winners:
Melissa Brydon, Jennifer Millikan, Ellie Baldwin


College of Contemporary Liberal Studies


Ranger Readers: A Regis Community Tutoring Program


Ranger Readers will be a community tutoring experience for children in the surrounding Regis community and for graduate students who are enrolled in a literacy course that teaches them to work with kids who struggle with reading (EDSP 453/EDRG 653). The class includes a 15 hour practicum and often students complete these practicum hours out in public school classrooms independently. The issue is that they never get any feedback about their experience so they never know if they are “doing it right,” as one student put it.

The purpose of this project is to utilize the Teaching and Learning with Technology Microgrant to purchase materials to try this new model of clinical practice. We want to invite children from the surrounding neighborhoods to come get free reading tutoring so that our students can work with them while their during their evening course that takes place in either (or all terms) for fall, spring, and summer 8w1. The tutoring program will utilize evidenced-practices in reading, specifically Great Leaps in Reading. This is a digital tutoring program that is cloud-based and can be used on any compatible platform that has an internet connection. The program utilizes grade level reading activities to measure and track reading fluency, providing graphs and data on each student weekly.

The grant will also utilize the six iPad minis previously purchased using TLTM funds from our 2016-17 grant funding to continue this work. We will purchase additional iPad Minis so that each tutor/tutee pair has two units-one for the tutor and one for the tutee.

University Counsel (Erika Hollis) has been consulted and the proposed project has received approval pending funding. Regis policies regarding minor participation on campus has been reviewed and release forms have been provided to the primary investigator. Additionally, upon funding, the project will appropriately register with Auxiliary and Business Services (Risk Management).

Technologies Purchased