2018-19 TLTM Award Winner:
Kristine Brands


College for Business & Economics


Qualitative Content Analysis Software for Research and Teaching


The purpose of this proposal to purchase text analysis software that can be used for qualitative content analysis. This software will be used for the following applications:
  1. To support research projects that focus on developing best practices and strategies to develop technology skills in Regis' accounting faculty to teach technology enabled accounting courses. A proposed study is to survey a national sample of accounting professors to gather information about their perceptions and practices teaching technology in accounting classes. Data collection will be performed using surveys to gather qualitative responses that need to be coded and analyzed. Content analysis for past studies has been performed manually. Using a software package would improve the quality and reliability of the analysis.
  2. To perform text analysis of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings to compare disclosures for companies in an industry or sector. An example is examining California based companies to determine disclosures relating to water resources and usage. California has been facing drought conditions and such a disclosure might be required in the risk analysis section of the filing.

Technology Purchased

  1. NVivo for Mac