About Us


Consistent with our Ignatian Values, Instructional Design & Technology will partner and collaborate with faculty and staff to enhance student learning while promoting innovation and experiential learning.


To foster a culture where people desire to continuously improve teaching and learning.

Philosophy of Learning

Instructional Design & Technology believes that courses should:

  • Transform learners versus simply delivering content.
  • Be inclusive of all learners and diverse student needs.
  • Be student-centered and engaging.
  • Effectively use the online platform and its associated tools.
  • Create and foster a sense of community through interactions between:
    • Students;
    • Students and faculty;
    • Students and the instructional material;
    • Students and the university.

Effective Practices that Support the ID&T Learning Philosophy

The following effective practices support the ID&T Philosophy of Learning

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Introducing your Instructional Designer

View the followng handout on how our Instructional Designers can assist with your course development projects.